Friday, June 8, 2012

"The worst airport in the world."

You now know that I am back in the US, but I figured I would reflect on my travels home (a week ago).

I decided to fly AirFrance since I refused to associate with Iberia (or anything in the One World alliance that may fly me on Iberia) because as you might know, Spain loves a good strike. And Iberia has been on strikes, no joke, every Monday and Friday of every week for the past couple months (and for a few more months into the future). I didn't want to deal with that crap, so I figured I would do the same route I did from Christmas, flying to Paris then home.

I don't think I mentioned the details of the time I originally took this route during Christmas, but I will mention it now. CDG (Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris) is quite a...trek. You have to be prepared to hike miles to transfer planes. It's a bit ridiculous.

No, this is not a "must just be you" kind of thing. When researching stuff for this blog post, I came across this dandy comment from Bill:

Time it takes from terminal 2G to terminal 2E, departure gate on the L port.
- Bill Bray
For anyone interested, it took me exactly 50 minutes to get from the arrival gate at 2G to the departure gate in Terminal 2E, port L, to get on a flight to Minneapolis. If you already know you leave terminal 2E, that's half the battle. You go through customs in 2E just before you get on a shuttle to get to port L gates. The customs line wasn't long (Monday), and I believe there was an Orange line for those in a rush.

(4 Jun 2012 - 08:00)
Bill, you said it well. I am glad you didn't say it with a huff and puff as many Americans at the airport were so glad to do. I will get to his "half the battle" comment in a moment.

Okay, my plane arrives at 9:05am in Paris. My next flight leaves from the same airport, at 10:30am. Sound easy? Think again...

Friday, June 1, 2012

A hankering for American Food

As you are reading this, I am heading home.

And I am hungry for some American Food. Yeah, I capitalized Food. Because it is that special.

Some of the things I have a hankering for:

Beef Jerkey
Pulled Pork
BBQ sauce (just the sauce...and a spoon)
Pop Tarts
Butterfinger bars
Root Beer

Preferably, all of the above will be waiting for me upon arrival. But I could go with just the beef jerky and Butterfinger bars. Gotta keep it healthy.

Kids at airports

I heard this on a recent SNL episode during Weekend Update...

"A new study suggests that people with children are happier than people without children. The study was NOT conducted at an airport."

We'll see how it goes.