Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I know I didn't just ask where the sideburns are.

Tonight my dad and I went to downtown Valencia for our last night out together.
We ate at Orio for some pintxos and a drink first.

It's a chain restaurant that serves basque food, and my mom, dad and I ate at the same restaurant in Barcelona when they visited me in Spain in 2010.

After a few (one of which had caviar...ooh la la!), Dad had me ask the waitress to ask where the happening part of town is, fully knowing that there wouldn't be much since it was a Wednesday night.

So I asked her where the bullicio was. She was like "huh?" and so I found another way to ask where the action was. She gave us the answer and she walked away.

Her confusion made me think that I said a really strange word, like the time I asked for sideburns (patillas) when I was trying to buy rollerblades (patines).

But I just looked up bullicio. And it means just what I thought it meant: hustle and bustle.

I'm just gonna chalk this confusion up to me knowing more Spanish than the Spaniard did.

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