Monday, January 30, 2012

Hide and seek, cat version

Today is one of the days the cleaning lady comes to the house, and she usually leaves the door open. Since she comes when we are already at work, I never get to tell her why I leave the door closed: to keep the cat out. As you may remember, I like to keep the cat out because he may or may not chew everything in sight as well as get fur everywhere. And then he hides under the bed and makes it impossible to get him to leave.

I got home from work around 6:30 and went straight into my room to drop my bags and coat. I see the door is open and assume Gin is under the bed. I check and he isn't. And I also weirdly find that nothing is knocked off the dresser nor the bedstand.
He had to have been somewhere else in the house, so I shut my door.

So I am sitting on my bed, firing up my computer when I hear a "mew...MEOW." I am confused and somewhat panicked because Gin is nowhere to be found, and as you may remember, I have pretty minimal furniture for him to hide under. I hear it again and I call Gin's name.

I realize it's coming from the nightstand, and I open each drawer until I find him trapped inside the bottom drawer. He leaps out at the sight of daylight and bolts out of the room with a "REOWR!"

I look inside the drawer to find my cell phone package/box all chewed up, the string (hanging from the 2nd drawer) of my backpack gnawed on, and, of course, loads of loose cat hair.

I assume Mara (the cleaning lady) left my door open and possibly the drawer slightly open, and Gin found his way inside. The drawer shut from the momentum of him leaping inside, and stayed that way. I also assume the loads of cat hair were shed by trying to scratch his way out, or by pure stress.

Since Pichon's mom (who was babysitting the kids starting at 4pm) said she hadn't seen Gin the whole time she was over, we assume Gin had been in the drawer since Mara left. Which was about noon.

Gin was trapped inside a drawer today for six hours.

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