Monday, January 2, 2012

Wait, WHO is calling the cops?!?!

On the night of New Years, while driving back from their grandparents´ house, my host family and I saw some kids sitting/playing on the edge of the highway (but not a busy highway like an interstate or something, it was more like a main road). There were about five kids outside at 7pm, and a couple were sitting on the curb. But we drove by them so quickly, I didn´t really see why they were there or what they were doing.

 Pichón was driving, and upon seeing this group at the last second, he swerved to get farther away from the curb so as not to hit them. Cristina wasn´t paying attention and asked him why he swerved, and he said “There are some stupid kids playing on the curb. I oughta call the police!”

 Apparently Pichón and I were the only ones who saw these kids, because 30 seconds after he said that, Lucia was like “What? Daddy´s calling the police? Why?” And Cristina was like “There are some kids playing outside on the side of the street.”

Then, Delayed-Reaction-Lucas says about three minutes later, “Wait, what did Daddy say about the police?” And Lucia´s like “He´s calling the police” and Lucas is like “Why is Daddy calling the police” And pretty much it was the entire conversation as we drove home, especially since it coincided with Cristina checking her phone for text messages, so the kids thought she was really calling the cops.

 All for some off-hand comment Pichón had made.

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