Friday, May 11, 2012

Alicante, here I come!

As you are reading this, I am on my way to Alicante (or already there).

You may recall that Alicante is the second city where I studied abroad (in 2010), and it is located in this province so it's not too far. Only a 1h 45m train ride. 

Today is gonna be a busy day: As soon as I arrive, I am walking straight from the station to the off-campus classroom by the port to see Lourdes (my business Spanish teacher and Carly's Spanish grammar teacher). I have her to thank for my knowledge of Inditex (talk about big business...Zara, Bershka, Women's Secret, pretty much half the stores in any given Spanish mall) and Spanish resumes and business plans etc etc. She invited me to come to her class, saying it would be nice to have her students see what people can do after studying abroad. I feel like "show and tell" and it feels awesome.

But I won't have too much time to spend because then I will be hopping on the bus to campus at the University of Alicante (UA) to see Carmen (my teacher for the class prepping me for the Spanish language certificate). I have her to thank for preparing me for my DELE exam which got me the B2 certificate in the Spanish language. She was amazing, and at the end of the semester invited us all over for dinner at her apartment (funny story, I remember Scott popping open the champagne out the window and the cork flew in the neighbor's pool). 

Seriously. There was a lotta booze.

But again, not too long there. As soon as Carmen goes on her lunch break I am off to Radio San Vicente, where I will see Loly (the radio director) and the whole radio station crew. Hopefully I will grab some to-go lunch and have it with Loly at the office.

Then, I will head back to the UA to meet up with Rocio, and we will drive to go pick up Dante from school.  Did you know he is now four. FOUR! Did you know kids grow older over time? I sure didn't. I bet he talks all the time now. I wonder if he remembers me. I wonder if he still has the toy cars that my parents bought him two years ago. 

And then Saturday and Sunday are free for me to enjoy with Rocio and Dante, since Rocio invited me to stay with them in their home. I am super excited.

I also plan on grabbing some cupcakes, too...OF COURSE.

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