Thursday, May 17, 2012

Judging by your movie collection...

Cristina informed me recently that after her uncle passed away, she got to keep his entire movie collection.

He has a massive movie collection, and I just spent yesterday and today going through it all.

How many, you ask?

Well, he keeps them in those little paper CD sleeves, and they have four shelves, 20 inches wide, filled with DVDs. Each row probably has over 70.

I picked out movies that I want to watch, and I noticed a pattern. See if you can guess by my picks:
Across the Universe
I, Robot
Young Frankenstein
The Prestige
Marie Antoinette
Walk the Line

Figured it out yet? Well, about 70% of those movies either are biopics about musicians (Ray, Walk the Line), are musicals with real rock songs (Across the Universe, Tommy), have kickass soundtracks (Twilight, Marie Antoinette and Watchmen) or feature musicians (that's trying to fit I, Robot in the mix here with Will Smith). Then Young Frankenstein is thrown in for good measure, and The Prestige and Aviator because maybe I didn't want to go too girly in my choices?

But seriously, if you haven't heard those movie soundtracks yet, GET ON IT.
Twilight: pop, emo, punk music
Marie Antoinette: mixes new wave punk music with classical
Watchmen: All over the place, but it made me think My Chemical Romance could do more than emo, and they used Bob Dylan in the opening credits and it was amazing, as well as making KC and the Sunshine Band sound so cool during a flamethrower scene. Yes, disco and flamethrowers.

I was going through the DVDs, and I could only make a stereotypical assumption of her uncle based on the following finds:
Pink Flamingo (created by Roger Waters, of Hairspray fame. The movie starred a transgender)
The entire Roger and Hammerstein collection (And Oklahoma! starring Hugh Jackman)
Several unknown romantic comedies about homosexual couples
Several movies I didn't know the plot of but used any circular letter to display gender symbols
Moulin Rouge!
Marie Antoinette
Several Andy Warhol movies
To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar
Like, any movie starring Ginger Rogers or Fred Astaire or both

When Cristina came downstairs, I was like "I have a question, and I do not mean to offend if I am wrong. But was your uncle gay?"

"Yes, yes he was."

I knew it.

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