Saturday, February 4, 2012

Do you believe in magic?

Yesterday Cristina bought one of those eggs with a toy in it from one of those giant gumball-type machines.

The egg contained a tiny magic trick.

The trick was that you slide a coin in through the side of this thin little plastic box; then you take this key and you can put it all the way through the box (seemingly through the solid metal coin), but when you remove the coin it doesn't have a hole in it! MAGIC!

So Cristina read the instructions, then did the trick for the kids, saying "Abracadabra" before sticking the key in the box. After the kids were properly amazed, she taught them how to do it.

Lucas was more amused than Lucia and ended up doing the trick over an over for about ten minutes. As he would stick the key in, he would say "ABRE CABRA!" instead of the magic word, which was hilarious.

No, not just because he couldn't say the word correctly, but because what he was saying are real words in Spanish, which mean "Open up, goat!"

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