Friday, February 3, 2012

Las caras que dicen mentiras

Today, while Cristina was driving us (Lucas and me) downtown, she told me that Lucas' teacher told her that Lucas was talking about "Las caras que dicen mentiras," or "The faces that tell lies."

He told his teacher today how there are faces in his bedroom that lie to him. His teacher was understandably freaked out enough to run to the next room and ask another teacher what she thought he meant. His teacher returned to find Lucas telling all the children in their class about these faces that talk to him and tell him lies (but he never mentioned what, exactly, those lies were).

I was kinda freaked out, but shared with Cristina my "pangbite" story, about how when I was little I would hear something and tell my parents that it was "pangbite" (which, of course, is not a real word or thing). To this day, they never really figured out to what I was referring, but my mom thinks it was the sound the swing made when it squeaked in the wind.

It's just one of those freaky children things, you know?

Cristina looked in the rearview mirror back at Lucas and told him that he would have to show her these "faces" in his room when they got home.

Later, she mentioned it again, and Lucas wanted to show Lucia the faces, so Cristina was quietly urging her to go upstairs because we were all really curious. Lucia came back downstairs five minutes later with a confused facial expression saying "It is nothing."

Cristina then went upstairs. She came back down and said he opened his closet and pointed to the ceiling and said "Do you see the faces? They lie to me!" And held his hands out wide, making peace signs (Nixon style). Cristina was really confused and was like "What faces? Where? How big? This big?" And she made a CD-sized circle with her hands. He was like "Yes, they are that big, but they get small," as he squeezed his hands from a big circle to a little one the size of a quarter.

Cristina thinks he had some kind of dream and thinks that whatever happened in that dream happened in real life, including whatever faces talked to him and lied.

All I know is that when I someday write a Spanish horror movie, I have a title. Because we all know this type of thing is exactly how horror movies begin...

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