Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why? Why must you rub this in my face?

A couple weekends ago, we were going to eat lunch at Foster's Hollywood.

Foster's Hollywood is a chain restaurant in Spain with American style food. Burgers. Ribs. Fries.

Burgers here are apparently so uncommon (I didn't think they were that rare, but here you go) that my coworkers were talking about how crazy it is that they ask you so many questions about your burger at Fosters. "How do you want it cooked? Rare? Medium Rare?" "Lettuce Tomato and Onion?" "Cheese?" etc. I was like "What do they ask you at the other burger places?" And they were like "What other burger places? McDonalds?"

I was really really really excited about going there for lunch. All day, I was thinking "Should I order a big juicy burger? Or smoked ribs? Or other items with BBQ sauce? Or other forms of red meat?"

Then Pichon and his dad were chopping firewood for a really long time, leading to us leaving the house later, and therefore arriving during prime lunch rush. There were long lines and Cristina decided we'd eat at McDonalds.

It wasn't too bad. I got a McWrap, which is a breaded chicken breast in a tortilla with lettuce and tomato.

Side note: They have a McJamon, which is like a big mac with Spanish jamon on it. It makes me laugh.

And for dessert, there was a fancy little McCafe, and I had a macaroon and a lemon cupcake. Fancy!

I swear, I have eaten more McDonalds in the past two months here than I have in the past 5 YEARS in the US. Which isn't a lot. Three isn't a lot.

One day, I have hopes that we will return to Fosters and I will get that meal.

As for now, these targeted ads on my web browser taunt me. They know I want that Fosters. And they are gonna wave it in my face.

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