Sunday, February 5, 2012

Paella, paella, and more paella

Today we went to Pichon's parents' house for lunch, but since they weren't home right away, we walked over to the big street festival they were having in the neighborhood.

They had tents selling various foods, crafts, souvenirs, and even a pop-up teteria

However, we only stopped by to visit with some of Cristina's friends (from the Falla, like Marina and Maite). Since Cristina and Pichon were busy chatting, I wandered off by myself to check out the stands.

I didn't buy anything, but they had a stand with various fresh quiche, a stand with jars of fresh honey (practically frozen in this weather), pastries, belts, jewelry, crafts, etc.

Oh, and did I mention the paella? There were small groups of people each cooking their own individual paellas over a wooden fire on the ground. The air smelled of woody smoke. The warmth of standing near the cooking paellas was much appreciated, since it was pretty cold outside today.

And when I said there were lots of paellas, I mean lots. Like four areas of 20 paellas EACH, lots.

Here are some photos Cristina took for me with her iPhone, since I didn't have my camera with me.
(click photos to enlarge)

You can see at least six paellas in this photo...

These proud paella makers saw Cristina taking pics and said they needed to be included. Then they asked where the photo was going. "Don't worry, all the way to the United States." "Oh, good."

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