Thursday, February 9, 2012

USA is not "Dreamland"

It’s difficult not to think of this as a missed opportunity. Shows like The Simpsons, pieces of pop art that explicate the ironies of North American life, play an important role in bridging cultural confusion. “When people from this Third World see that the American Dream is not perfect,” says Hosny, “that it is full of flaws, it can give to them some hope, and says that if you want to dream, dream here! And that over there, in Dreamland, they live in the same world of mistakes and flaws. I’m sick of how people think that going to the States means going to heaven. I understand that it still may be good to them, but it’s important, vital, for them to see the cracks in the façade.”

This comes from an article about how the television show The Simpsons failed in the Arabic world due to cultural differences. I really liked the paragraph above because I think it is something to consider when trying to analyze another culture.Looking at a culture through your culture's eyes can often be the easiest, but not the best way to analyze.

Not to say I am perfect. About 90% of what I see and judge in my head is from my own cultural experiences that I bring to the table. But even so, it is smart to point out what is going on when I do this to better understand why I might get so frustrated or misunderstood. You can read the full article here.

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