Sunday, December 18, 2011


I bought a four-pack of Orbit gum the other day, which included four different flavors in four different colored wrappers:
Strawberry (pink),
Spearmint (green),
Peppermint (blue),
Eucalyptus (seafoam green).

You know how there are those seafoam-green colored Tic Tacs? They don't really have a flavor name. They're called "green mint" or something equally ambiguous. Like Soylent Green. And those are my favorite.

I was excited to open the Eucalyptus gum, since now I have a name for the flavor that I loved so much.

But then I tried one.

And it tasted like a Halls.

Those poor, poor koalas, who have to eat this on a daily diet? Awful. I feel bad for them. Imagine if you had to eat the original-flavored Halls for your entire lifetime. Torture.

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