Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I´m an official resident! (almost)

Last Wednesday I finished all my paperwork to turn in to the police station to get my residence card. When I was there, I actually had the same lady who I had last time (who told me I needed to go to get a social security number). But I am pretty sure she didn´t remember me. When I finally was called up (remember, I didn´t have to wait in line super early in the AM this time...I got to enter the building right away) after waiting behind a couple people (one of which was a dude with crutches who was knowingly and happily letting everyone cut him in line...odd), I sat down with the lady and just handed her the huge stack (ok maybe not huge, but like 8 or 10 documents) of paperwork and was like “here!” since I had no idea what order she needed them in. She sorted through everything and typed stuff on her computer, then looked at my passport, then typed some more, then she asked me for my ID card photos, and I gave them to her (they were still all together on one page). She used this awesome gadget that hole-punches paper in the shape of ID photos! So she took my page and hole-punched out the two pictures she needed. Take that, scissors.

 Then she asked me for one of the documents I needed. I was like “You have it there in that mound of paperwork” and she was like “I don´t see it” and I KNEW I had it because a couple of the other things I had to get hinged on me having that paper. So I knew that it would be in there. I had gotten so many papers that I had really lost track of which was which, since they all had stamps and official-looking things on them. She was telling me it wasn’t there, still. I was like “YES IT IS! I just don’t know what it looks like!” Then she sorted through the pages again, then she typed some more on the computer, and then she asked me to stand up so I could do some fingerprints. So she must’ve found the paper she needed and didn’t want to admit she was wrong for sayit it wasn’t there OR she just gave up and wanted to move on with her life.

Then that was it. She told me to return in a month (seriously?!) and I will have my card. You betcha, lady. I will be here in exactly 30 days and you better have that card ready.

 I will be back.

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