Sunday, December 18, 2011

Elephants, yes, but lions, tigers and bears, no.

A couple weeks ago we went to....

The circus!!!

The whole family invited me to join them on their traditional trip to the circus. Cristina said going to the circus in the winter is a popular tradition, much like ice skating or seeing "The Nutcracker" is to us Americans. There are several circuses in town right now, but we went to this one, where the family bought tickets a couple weeks before the show. Though Cristina is considering heading to another one, which features Disney and Looney Toons characters, that she thinks the kids will like even more.

She was curious to see Lucas' reaction to the show, since he's so young and slightly scared of clowns. The show was entertaining and he mostly sat in her lap with his mouth open but not uttering a sound, just mesmerized by the sights before him.

 Lucas especially loved the animals and when dancers or acrobats would come into the ring, he'd whisper how he wanted to see more animals.

The clowns weren't scary at all, and they ended up being pretty casually dressed. Yes, they had floppy hats and baggy pants, but barely any face paint instead opting for a big red nose.

There were several acrobatic acts, which were nerve-wracking to watch, especially since the man below clearly showed some struggle with his balancing acts, yet he pulled through without any mistakes.

Of course, the infamous tightrope act was there as well, providing a great show, even including a part where one man jumped on top of the other.

Of the acts I didn't take photos of, the two that stand out are the sexified hula hoop girl/flamenco dancer, who doubled as the magician's showgirl during the "look the girl is in the box and now she's not" trick. 
The second was a foursome of dancers/singers that sang some Spanish pop songs. There were two boys and two girls, who, in between singing numbers, would dance and throw each other between their legs and over their back much like a professional swing dancing competition. The disturbing part was the girls were wearing thong leotards over tights. Classy for a children's show, I know.

But overall it was spectacular and I thanked my family for inviting me because it definitely was fun.

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