Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sweet Dreams.

This painting hangs on the wall of my bedroom here in Spain:

If it weren't for the grey man on the left and the scribbled blob of a face on the woman with the stripes, this would be a pleasant photo.
But it's not. Kind of disturbing, actually.
The overly curvy female's portrayal reminded me of Picasso, so I looked it up to no avail.
But thanks to Google's reverse image search, I was able to upload a picture I took of the painting and it told me about images that look like it. I discovered it's a piece by the anti-Franco painters "Equipo Cronica" active 1964-1981 that painted pop art. Actually, "equipo cronica" is written in the corner of this painting but I got almost nothing related to art when I searched that alone. However, the painting is actually a manipulation of this previous work:

The above painting is called "Leisure on Red Background" by Fernand Leger, 1949.

So...my version has less bikes and more ominous grey men.
I am still researching the details of this painting because I like learning a bit about the background. The red background! Hahaha, art jokes.

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