Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Do you smell something?

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I would like to know how popular of a gift cologne/perfume is here in Spain. I am sure I never noticed and the ads are just as prevolent in the US for expensive things like that, but here it is actually 95% of advertising. Any show, any channel, almost every commercial is cologne. 212 VIP, Jean Paul Gautier Le Male and Le Femme, CK Shock, Diesel Only The Brave, Tresor, Victoria, Hugo Boss, and then some random celebrity endorsed colognes by Matthew McConaughey, Antonio Banderas, Ryan Reynolds, Eva Mendes, Scarlett Johannson, and the list goes on and on. Oh, and by the way, those commercials are almost all in English. No subtitles. And what´s weird is that they are mostly American celebrities-actors but I haven´t seen the commercials ever in the US. And Scarlett Johannson´s acting is AWFUL in her commercial. Although I think it´s supposed to be that way?

And as we all know about cologne commercials, they make absolutely no sense. It´ll just be a person dancing in a field of crystal chandeliers while purple rain falls from the sky. Wanna smell like that?

Or it´ll be Matthew McConaughey running from the paparazzi, then getting to his hotel room, taking off his shirt, then sitting on a couch as unseen paparazzi snap a bajillion more photos as he laughs and smiles. Wanna smell like that?

Or do you wanna smell like Antonio Banderas walking through a hotel hallway while random girls stare at him through their rooms’ keyholes?

Or would you like to smell like a young couple giving themselves (probably) unsanitary body tattoos in her bedroom?

Or would you like to smell like a woman just pouring, yes POURING perfume on her head as she gives a toothy Julia Roberts grin while standing in a room draped with white, gauzy curtains?

But I guess I´d rather take these commercials over the commercials that are probably playing excessively in the US right now, with candy commercials that adapt a Christmas song to their product name and description, or restaurant commercials that adapt a Christmas song to their product name and description, or a clothing store that adapts a Christmas song to their product name and description...

I´d rather be eating dinner and hear Joss Stone´s version of “It´s a man´s world” playing behind me than the 289754th version of “Jingle Bells” that somehow has to do with home improvement giftcards.

But these commercials are so prevalent, that I wonder what else they sell here. The commercial breaks usually go as follows: cologne, cologne, cologne, Spanish lotto, cologne, cell phone company, cologne, cologne, cologne, cologne and now your show is back!

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