Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

I arrived earlier today, because I wanted to be able to celebrate New Year's with my host family. It was a great decision.
First the kids ate, then played/caused trouble while we ate dinner.

After eating a massive meal of tapas (way too much for the 9 of us adults) AND a huge hake/ham/pastry crust thing the size of my thigh AND chocolate cakes and apple tarts and flan AND lemon/sugar/champagne cocktails AND chocolate truffles, we watched the kids get prepped (an hour before countdown) with their party kits, which included streamers, blow horns, masks, hats and leis.  

(as with all pictures on this blog, click to enlarge.)

Dani, Lucas, and Bruno

Maria, Lucia, and Paula

It's a Spanish tradition to eat 12 grapes on the clock chimes after the clock strikes 12. So popular, that they sell pre-packaged cans of peeled, seeded grapes specifically for this purpose. And they sell grape-flavored gummy candies for kids, in packs of 12.

My little can of grapes, ready to be opened.

The kids get amped up for the countdown by dancing to "Waka Waka"

The kids get really into it.

And after the clock strikes 12, and we all ate our grapes on the chimes, the couples kissed and then everyone did the two-cheek-kiss to everyone else saying "Happy new year!"

Cristina and me wearing our party kits

The kids staring in awe out the window at various fireworks shows in the distance after midnight.

Then we danced/listened to a soundtrack of ABBA, Shakira, Pitbull, and Prince until at least 3am. 

EDIT: Maria was wearing new watch, and when they went to bed around 3am, Maria whispered to Lucia "LOOK! It's almost 3!" as if they were keeping a secret from their parents that the grownups forgot to put the kids to bed on time and the kids were getting away with it. It was super cute. Also, when they said good night, they said "Buenas noches dias!" (Good night morning) since it was a bit of both at the same time.

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