Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday the 13th?

So here in Spain Friday the 13th means nothing, really. It´s actually Tuesday the 13th that is unlucky. Why? I don´t know...do you know why Friday the 13th is unlucky?

 But nothing unlucky or weird happened that day. The only special thing that day was Cristina and me going to pick up Lucia from basketball practice. Cristina warned me beforehand that Lucia, being a 5 year old girl, is pretty spacey when it comes to the game. She did say that Lucia does give an effort, but a lot of the time the instructor will be telling them something and she´s off in the corner playing hopscotch on an imaginary hopscotch outline.

 So we went and watched her play, and it was pretty entertaining. It was mixed boys and girls between 5 and 6. There were about 10 or 12 kids, and they were pretty disastrous. They lower the hoop a few feet for the kids, but it was an overall 10% accuracy with any given child. And while they did an activity involving crossing the court by stepping on colored blocks, there were always two or three kids just running over to the separation screen (to the court where the older kids were playing), hitting it or each other with some plastic sticks they found.

 So overall, it wasn´t too unlucky of a day. Except maybe for the basketball coach.

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